• January 20, 2022

Forget What You Think You Know About Dentures

Did you ever accidentally bump into one of your grandparents in the night – after they’d taken out their teeth?! And – worse yet – turned on the light in the bathroom only to find their teeth floating in a glass of tepid water on the bathroom vanity?! If your memories and thoughts about dentures stem back to grandma and grandpa and their George Washington-era dentures, we’re not surprised you have so many misconceptions about them!

While we’re not surprised, the staff at SunnySide Dental are up to the challenge of updating those misconceptions and giving you some straight and current facts about today’s dentures in NW Calgary. You’ve never had so many good options for replacing missing teeth, and never before has getting dentures been such a potentially positive one of your choices.

Modern dentures that you can get from a dentist in NW Calgary are different from your grandparents’ dentures in three significant ways: comfort and fit; strength and weight; and natural appearance. Here’s what we mean:

Comfort and fit

Our understanding of how the living and dynamic tissues and structures in your mouth work together, move and change over time has grown immensely in the last few decades. Coupling that new knowledge with new technologies that allow us to get precise three-dimensional anatomical images and to design bases and teeth to fit your jaw and gums perfectly means todays’ dentures fit better and more comfortably than grandma and grandpa could ever have imagined. A well-designed and properly maintained denture from a dentist fits without friction, without any need for adhesives, and without sores.

Strength and weight

Denture wearers today glean the benefits of advances in materials science and manufacturing technologies every day. Just like tennis rackets and golf clubs – well, not like tennis rackets or golf clubs at all, but we hope you’ll get the point – modern materials and manufacturing methods allow us to create dentures using acrylic materials that are simultaneously stronger and lighter than ever before. Yes, you can still break dentures by dropping them on the floor or in a sink. Don’t do that. But they’re more durable and resistant to stains and odours than they have ever been. And they can’t develop cavities.

Natural appearance

Everyone knew your grandparents wore dentures. For a long time, dentures did not appear natural in a person’s mouth. They were either not white enough or too white. Not big enough, or too big. Not consistent enough, or too perfectly matchy-matchy. Too rough, or too glassy-smooth to be normal. Today, though, your denturist will exploit materials using imaging and design technologies to match your dentures’ colour, texture, size, shape, sheen and luminosity to your own natural teeth (if it’s partial dentures that we’re talking about), skin tone, lips, face and smile. Will people know you’re wearing dentures? Sure… if you tell them. Or if you fail to follow your dentist’s precise and detailed instructions about how to take care of your dentures to keep them looking natural and perfect.

If you’ve not bothered to consider dentures when thinking about your options for replacing your missing teeth, make an appointment with a dentist to find out if dentures may be a good fit for your needs, budget and lifestyle. Dentures are available in several different formats, including complete and partial removable dentures, and even implant-supported dentures that you never have to take out of your mouth.

Whatever your needs and lifestyle, the team at SunnySide Dental will introduce you to denture options to help you to achieve your goals without having to live like grandpa in the days of Washington.